the garden of sinning

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this is just a place for me to tl;dr about stuff i can't fit in my profile


IMPORTANT: I don't tag/warn for anything and will often RT fanart that is NSFW or that contains blood/gore, not to mention spoilers, follow at your own risk.

Expect nothing but TYPE-MOON content here with a minimal dash of GBF and who knows, maybe eventually other mobage. Kara no Kyoukai is my favorite ever, in case it wasn't obvious.
ArtsfuckerZerkerlot is my soul animalIt took Arturia 2 years, 2 months and 8 days to finally come homePerpetually QP broke and mat brokePerpetually drowning in apples thoughI'm just a lazy af Master, I'm sorryI can never take caps of damage because my phone is shitty :(Nobukatsu whenSolomon when


Expect me to yell/RT a lot of:

Anything RakkyoRoman (esp with Da Vinci and/or Merlin)Edmond DantesMarie + her haremMozart/SalieriArturia (Saber) and the Round Table in generalAn Arthur (and Ayaka) is fine tooShuten/KintokiTeam Rider and Team Saber (F/Z)Stupid Emiya familyF/SN heroinesAozakisGuda(k)o/Anyone


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mfc - gaze upon my plastic

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